It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything here other than the occasional conference report, and there are many more of those in draft form from the past two years that I didn’t even get around to finishing up and actually posting…  This is due to a variety of reasons, some of which include a complete change in career focus a couple years ago involving going into business for myself, to having very little free time due to the myriad of things I’ve got going on.  This however needs to change, as I need at least one outlet for my thoughts that isn’t constricted to 140 characters or the no-frills formatting that most of the social networks provide.  That said, it is my intention to write here more often, beginning with this post and continuing with more to follow over the next few weeks, mostly about the various ventures I’ve begun or have become involved in over the past few years.

Recently, I realized that I’ve got so many different things going on that some reorganization was sorely needed, and thus Trammell Ventures was born.  Most of my projects and fledgling companies now fall under the management of this business entity.  Feel free to click-through to the Trammell Ventures website and peruse the site, or check back there anytime you want an update on what I’m currently working on or what crazy idea I’m putting some effort into at the time…

That said, please stay tuned for additional in-depth posts on the various businesses and projects you’ll see currently listed at the Trammell Ventures website.

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